Tech-savvy solutions to save money during the pandemic

Tech-savvy solutions to save money during the pandemic

Don’t let this pandemic make you lose money, instead follow these tips for practical and cheaper solutions.

It’s bad enough that everyone will most likely be stuck in and around their homes for the year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has also put many folks in a tough financial spot.

Whether you’ve lost your job or had your hours cut, your bank account may be a little more starved than usual. That’s why here’s a list of tips that could help you financially.

1.Cut back on your car insurance

If you’re one of the lucky folks able to work from home right now, your car is probably sitting in the garage more often than it used to. This, by default, is probably saving you money on gas, but if you’re still paying the same insurance premium, you’re spending unnecessary money on something you rarely need.

2.Go digital with your exercise subscription

The local gym is not the only option now, so you can hire someone online as a personal trainer or have some group class of pilates or something of the sort, as not every gym is open, and not many people are allowed in.

3.Skip grocery delivery and do cheap or free pickup

Now that the mad rush for toilet paper is over, grocery stores have plenty of pickup times available again, and you may find it even cheaper than before.

4.Get credit card points you’ll actually use

Log into your credit card issuer’s app and see what other ways you might be able to redeem those points. Some cards—even those focused on travel—may allow you to trade them in for cash back, or for shopping on places like Amazon. 

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