Talks regarding a second stimulus package could begin this week

Negotiations to reach an agreement regarding a new relief plan, which were interrupted by the elections, could be resumed this week. Could there be a second stimulus check before the end of the year?

The Senate returned to Capitol Hill on Monday promising to renew negotiations to approve a new stimulus package before the end of the year and before the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, according to CNet.

“This (virus) will not go away until we kill it. So that's the first job,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on November 4.

Leading politicians and economists see stimulus measures as a crucial way to revive the economy, injecting money with a second stimulus check and unemployment benefits, among other financial aid. Stopping the spread of the coronavirus is also a priority, through funding programs for the development and distribution of vaccines.

 The few remaining COVID-19 benefits, provided by the CRES Act and Trump’s executive orders will expire on December 31.

"As we prepare for the new Biden administration, we must also move rapidly toward a new coronavirus relief bill," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on November 6.

It should be noted that, although Biden has his own COVID-19 relief plan, which includes a second stimulus check, it will be President Donald Trump who would sign such a plan if Congress approves it in the following months.

It remains to be seen if it possible for a split Congress and a lame-duck president to finally reach an agreement.

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