Take a look at these 3 ways to sell Gift Cards for cash

Take a look at these 3 ways to sell Gift Cards for cash

Don't hoard unused gift cards, learn about these ways to sell them for cash!

Gift cards are very useful when making purchases, but if you have accumulated them and feel that you will not use them, there are other alternatives.

These legit websites below, offers you up to 92% of their value in cash or gift card payouts to add a little extra padding to your shopping budget.


CardCash accepts gift cards from a wide variety of retailers and features a straight forward selling process. Plus, if you’re just interested in trading your gift cards, you can even receive up to 7% more.

After you accept their offer for your unwanted gift card, the site will let you know to either enter the card information to transfer the balance or mail in your card to be processed.

Gift Card Granny 

Sell with confidence on Gift Card Granny with their BBB accreditation and A rating! Gift Card Granny will buy your gift card directly or let one of their partners make an offer that ensures you get the highest payout possible!

You then proceed with the listing either on the partner site or through Gift Card Granny if applicable.


At Raise, after you enter in the amount of your card & card information, you choose your selling price and the website will show how much you can earn from the sale after they take their cut of the selling fees.

So while it may seem you could get more for your card on Raise, don’t forget to take into account the 15% commission cut.

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