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Stimulus Check: Mnuchin and Pelosi call produces encouraging news on testing

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With two weeks to go until the election negotiations to reach a deal on stimulus for the struggling US economy continue but hope for action is limited.

With Trump’s poll numbers sliding and Democratic voters already voting in record numbers House Speaker Nancy Pelosi feels that she has Trump against the ropes according to reporting in the Washington Post saying that House Democrats have “maximum leverage” now. However, whatever comes out of on-going negotiations between her and Mnuchin will have to get through the Republican held Senate.


About the video:

"This is your second stimulus check update for the 2nd stimulus check in the upcoming stimulus package for October 18th. In this stimulus update, we discuss the latest details of the second stimulus check and the next stimulus package.

We also discuss the latest of what the Congress, Senate, and House and other lawmakers have to say about the 2nd stimulus check and the next relief package. We're also going to be touching on the current news surrounding the latest stimulus updates. Stay tuned for more updates on the second stimulus check and the next stimulus package!"

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