Stimulus Check: Excellent news for the week Stimulus Check: Excellent news for the week

Stimulus Check: Excellent news for the week

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About the video:

"In today's video, we are going to be talking about everything you need to know about the second stimulus check".

3 Top Points For The Week:

1. President Trump mentioned in a recent interview that he wants the second stimulus checks to be more than $1200.

- I don't want people to have high expectations of what he said on this.

- Just because he WANTS something doesn't necessarily mean its gonna happen.

- Election year will also be a big influence in saying things people want to hear so as much as I would like a bigger stimulus check I wouldn't 100% bank on this type of information.


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2. New Proposal on $1000 stimulus checks.

At first glance, this seems like you would be getting less than our original offer right?

Actually, the $1000 stimulus checks offer MORE money if you have a family because eligible dependents would be earning $1000 instead of $500 and there would be no age limit for dependents like there was for the first CARES act which was capped at 16 years old.

This proposal is called the CAAF act it stands for Corona Assistance for American Families Act.

If we a take look at this visual we can see how this stimulus check differs like I mentioned.

If you are single you would be getting cut out $200 from the government but look if you are 2 parents with 2 children you are getting an additional $600.

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3. House went ahead and canceled the August recess until the next bill is passed.


So House majority leader Steny Hoyer announced today the House would remain in session until a deal on a bill is passed.

Now it's still unclear if the Senate will be taking that vacation as well but seeing that half of our Congress will not be going on vacation I am hopeful that the Senate will also do the same.

Both House & Senate leader speakers Pelosi and Schumer are opposed to passing 2 different bills and what they are looking for is one single comprehensive bill.

White House officials offered a short -term extension for the $600 per week boost.

Both Pelosi and Schumer rejected the offer because they are looking for a much larger solution.

Although it's been a mess in Congress this past week hopefully we will see some even better news this coming week.

Keep in mind stimulus check progression is still on the table.

We have the $1200 and $1000 amount sitting in the first place and if you received the FIRST stimulus check chances are you will receive a second one as well.

Thank you all so much for tuning by this video and hopefully, I see you in the next one.

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