Some states began giving "thank you" stimulus payments of $ 1,000. Are you included?

Some states began giving "thank you" stimulus payments of $ 1,000. Are you included?

Since the third stimulus check was provided by the American Rescue Plan Act, many have been requesting a fourth EIP. Now, some states have started giving "thank you" stimulus payments of $ 1,000. Are you included?

Even though the economy is recovering little by little, many people are still struggling to make ends meet and that is why many of you have been asking for a fourth stimulus check. Now there are some states that are giving 'thank you' stimulus payments of $ 1,000 to some people. Are you included?

Schools in the districts of Tennessee, Texas, California, and Colorado, as well as the state of Georgia, are giving $ 1,000 "Thank You" stimulus checks to teachers and staff. These payments have caused controversy, as some say that this is not the best way to spend federal funds.

The "thank you" payments seek to keep teaching staff motivated

However, advocates of this support say it is much needed, as it will help keep teaching staff motivated, as well as prevent them from quitting after spending a year working remotely and adjusting to the uncertainty of returning to school amidst a possible new outbreak of the pandemic.

Georgia was the first state to approve these payments and up to 35% of the state's stimulus funds will be used to award checks of $ 1,000 to nearly 230,000 school workers.

This money, however, will not only go to teachers, but also to custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers, among others, and this support will cost $ 230.5 million in total.

Georgia approved this plan after teachers renewed their contracts for this year. "We needed some kind of morale boost, and our response was to provide that bonus," said Matt Jones, chief of staff for the Georgia state department of education, according to The Sun U.S.

On the other hand, in Berkeley, California, about $ 2.8 million is being used to give teachers a 3.5% bonus before the next school year.

Also, in Florida, more than 170,000 teachers are expected to receive a payment of $ 1,000 at their homes in the coming weeks. The payments, due to de shipped later this summer, were part of a $ 10.5 billion state budget enacted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in early July.

The money will also go to counselors, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers, for example.

The funds will not be released to the states until a plan is approved on how the money will be spent. States and school districts can use the funds as they wish but so far, only 12 state plans have been approved.

States have until 2024 to decide how they will spend their federal stimulus funds for schools, which total about $ 190 billion.

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