Side gigs: 5 celebrities with failed clothing lines

We all know celebrities constantly try to expand their résumés and explore different arenas. The usually succeed, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

It’s very common for celebrities to start side projects at the peak of their careers, while they are at the top. And most of the times, their projects are really successful. Sometimes, however, they fail — they are only human, after all. Here are 5 examples:

1-    Mandy Moore – Mblem

She made a huge comeback starring This Is Us, but before that, she tried her hand at fashion design. She launched her brand, Mblem, in 2005. The idea was to create contemporary and nice clothes for taller girls. Unfortunately, the industry didn’t seem to be ready for that, and the company folded in 2009.

2-    Katherine Heigl – The Katherine Heigl Collection

She is well known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, but she also tried to explore new horizons and tried her luck as a fashion designer. It didn’t go well, so she finally decided to continue being part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast.

3-    Sarah Jessica Parker -  Bitten

Her most known character, Carrie Bradshaw, was world-famous for her fashion taste. Of course, it makes sense she’d want to try her luck in the fashion industry. In 2007, Sarah Jessica Parker released her line, Bitten, with the chain Steve & Barry’s.

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Unfortunately, the line didn’t succeed and, eventually, the chain had to close it.

4-    Jennifer Lopez – Sweetface Fashion

In 2003, Jennifer Lopez set foot in the fashion industry. She started her own line, Sweetface Fashion. She did well for a couple of years, but the brand came to a halt in 2009. The company said this was merely a hiatus, but we haven’t heard anything from them ever since.

5-    Lindsay Lohan – 6126

She started her own fashion line in 2008. It was called 6126 in a clear nod to Marilyn Monroe, born June 1, 1926. The main focus of the brand were leggings. The problem was that they were really expensive, and people didn’t want to pay for them.

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In 2011, the line began to tank. In 2013, Lindsay accused her partners of fraud, trademark infringement, and breach of contract. It got messy, but eventually, things settled.

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