Joe Biden and stimulus check

Second stimulus check: What's the timeline with Biden as president-elect?

After some very tense days and a highly competitive election, Joe Biden was recognized on Saturday as president-elect. What now depends on Americans receiving a second stimulus check?

According to CNet, how soon you could get a stimulus check will depend on what happens in Washington between now and Joe Biden's presidential inauguration.

President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden, and many top lawmakers support a second stimulus check, but when the next batch of direct payments will come could come down to two major factors.

First is the negotiation, which could see partisan conflict ahead as Democrats and Republicans have different visions of what the final bill should include. A new direct payment was something both sides agreed on before November 3, but things could change with the election’s result.

The Senate returns from recess on Monday and the House of Representatives returns on Nov. 16. Talks could begin before the latter date.

The other fundamental issue is how quickly a second stimulus payment could arrive after it's approved. 

In theory, the US Treasury and IRS could send direct deposits almost immediately by following the model used for the first stimulus check. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he could send the money a couple of days after the bill was passed, but if he is no longer in office when payments must be made (e.g. after the inauguration), it isn't clear what the protocol could be or if someone new will be able to act as quickly.

The first to receive payments would again be people who have provided the IRS with a bank account where the money can be deposited, and the last to receive the payment would be those who have the higher incomes and are sent paper checks. 

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