Second stimulus check: Cards sent by the IRS have an expiration date

Second stimulus check: Cards sent by the IRS have an expiration date

Since last week, the Treasury Department and the IRS have been sending approximately 8 million second stimulus checks via prepaid debit card. Did you know these cards have an expiration date?

If the IRS doesn’t have routing and account information for a direct deposit, it will send either a check or a prepaid debit card.

The agency has clarified that if you received an EIP Card for the first Economic Impact Payment, it does not mean you will receive an EIP Card for the second payment; you may receive a check, and if you received a check for the first payment, you may receive an EIP Card for the second payment.

If you receive an EIP Card, visit for more information.

These prepaid debit cards containing the money from the second stimulus check, better known as EIP cards, will be delivered in white envelopes that prominently display the seal of the US Department of the Treasury.

 The card has the Visa name on the front and the issuing bank, MetaBank®, NA, on the back, and to avoid being thrown away by recipients, information included with the EIP Card will explain that this is an Economic Impact Payment, and not spam mail.

These cards must be activated as with any other debit or credit card, calling customer service and establishing your own pin. You will also be able to know how much money you have when your card is activated.

The EIP card can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted, whether it's to shop in person, online, or over the phone. That means people can use the card to buy or pay for rent, utilities, and other bills.

8 million cards will be sent this time around

It is very important that you note that debit cards have validity dates printed on them, even if this does not apply to the money, as it will not be unavailable, according to CNBC.

In other words, if you still have money on your card when it expires, you should call customer service to request that they send you the money you have left in the account in the form of a check.

For this reason, too, the $ 600 will not be deposited on the cards of those who received one during the first round, but a new one will be sent.

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