Second Stimulus Check: Why the two sides are still in disagreement?

Stimulus check 2 is in limbo, leaving the fate of a second round of $1,200 direct payments to eligible Americans unclear.

Despite the spread of Covid-19 among lawmakers, the President, who has also contracted the virus, is sending mixed signals about negotiations.

Instead of the Senate bringing the bill to a vote, the President has asked that hearings for his Supreme Court nominee take priority. He plans to resume stimulus bill negotiations after the election, if he wins. Members of both parties spoke out against the President's moves, so it seems the White House has reversed course.

Check out the video to see more details about what's new:

About the video:

"This is your second stimulus check update for the 2nd stimulus check in the upcoming stimulus package for October 11th. In this stimulus update, I discuss the latest details of the next stimulus package and the second stimulus check.

I also discuss what the two sides are now saying about the possibility of the next relief package and a 2nd stimulus check. Stay tuned for more updates on the second stimulus check and the next stimulus package!"

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