Reduce your car maintenance expenses

Reduce your car maintenance expenses

After the initial purchase, maybe you have the cost of your monthly payment, auto insurance premiums, and gasoline to account for… And after a while, there will also be maintenance costs!

Having a car can be quite expensive, it could be even more expensive while you already have it than the initial purchase itself.

There are a lot of things about its maintenance that you should be aware of, and even more so if you want to save your wallet a few dollars. Let's look at some of them!

Get regular tune-ups

Keep your car properly tuned. A poorly tuned car uses between 25% and 33% more gasoline each year. It's cheaper to pay the cost of a tune-up.

Use steel-belted radial tires

Get the right tires

Use steel-belted radial tires. This can increase your gasoline mileage by up to 10% per year.

Stay on top of maintenance

Change the oil and oil filter in your car every 3,000 miles, regardless of how often your owner's manual recommends. More frequent oil changes are the single most important factor in extending the life of your engine, and will more than pay for themselves in savings on repairs and engine wear.

More frequent oil changes are the single most important factor in extending the life of your engine

Change the filters

Check your car's air filter monthly. A dirty filter shortens the engine's life and reduces gasoline mileage up to 10%. You can clean the filter by removing it and blowing it with an air hose, or you can replace it.

Keep your tires inflated properly and have them balanced

Check your tire pressure regularly. You can lose up to 6% in gasoline mileage for every pound of under-inflation. Add thousands of miles to the life of your tires by having them balanced once a year.

In addition to destroying the tread, improperly balanced tires can wear out your shock absorbers and damage your suspension system, leading to more expense.

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