Planning a garage sale? Here're the best things to know!

We know that planning a garage sale could mean a lot of work on putting prices and planning it. If you want to maximize your sales, here we have the best tips! 

We know that a successful garage sale can mean a good inflow of money in our daily economy. During the year, many people want to sell their gently-used items but are stressed about planning their garage sale. 

If you're planning your next garage sale and don't know-how, this article it's perfect for you. Here we have the best tips to plan a successful garage sale!  

1. Select the right time of the year

Depend on which part you live in, you need to be careful about the time of the year you choose for your garage sale. Shored-based sales will always be better in the summertime as people enjoy spending their time at the beach. 

If you live in a college town, August could be a great month to sell your items. Students are moving to their dorms and looking for good prices for dorm refrigerators, microwaves, bikes, and graphing calculators. Living in the Northern US, you should wait until late spring when people start leaving their homes due to the temperature. Southern yard sales are good in winter, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Also, you should wait for the garage sale season in your town, which will help you to promote your garage sale. 

2. The right day of the week

Without a doubt, the weekend is the best time to plan your garage sale, especially on Saturday. But if you don't sell all your stuff on Saturday, try to open your sale on Sunday. Church-goers and runners are out on Sunday mornings, so it would be a good option for you. 

If you live close to a place that a lot of people go to on the weekend, put a sign out along the main road to show where is your garage sale. Another good option is to plan your garage sale on holidays like Black Friday, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.

3. Plan your schedule 

Planning your schedule could be very important for your garage sale. Garage sale shoppers like to start their yard walk early, so opening your garage sale early could maximize your sales. 

Try to open your garage sale at 06.30 am to make sure you're one of the first one to open, perhaps people will look for many garages but return yours for your unique items. 

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