Peek inside Aaron Paul's riverside home!

Aaron Paul and his wife live in a lovely rustic mansion in Idaho, and this is what it looks like.

Thanks to his acting career and the incredible popularity of the show where he portrayed Jesse, Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul was able to build a stunning fortune. And with that, he has bought a lot of nice things, including this gorgeous home. Have a look:

About the video:

"Aaron Paul and wife Lauren welcome Architectural Digest to Idaho, where the critically acclaimed actor and his family live in a custom wood and stone paradise. Conceived and executed from scratch in tandem with interior designer Jake Arnold and Pearson Design Group, the Paul residence purposely evokes childhood memories for the Idaho native. An invitingly large fireplace is the perfect setting for a morning game of backgammon, before heading outside to sled across the snow-covered yard with their daughter. When it’s time to come in from the cold, a charming sauna constructed from reclaimed cedar awaits.

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Inside Aaron Paul’s Rustic Riverside Home In Idaho | Open Door | Architectural Digest"

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