Outings on a budget: How can you save money at IHOP right now?

Outings on a budget: How can you save money at IHOP right now?

If you thought that cooking less, eating out, and saving money on meals were things that couldn't go hand in hand, IHOP wants to show you you’re wrong. How can you save money on lunch at IHOP right now?

Even though the economy seems to be recovering, many people are still struggling to make ends meet. If this is your case, IHOP has an offer that will help you save money and still enjoy going out for lunch. How can you score the deal right now?

Summer is here, and though the Delta variant seems to be invading the US, you can still take a break from cooking and go out for lunch if you are fully vaccinated. If you feel like treating yourself to this, it may be a good idea to head over to your local IHOP and take advantage of their offer.

For a limited time, so you’d better act fast, IHOP has a promotion that will help you stick to your budget and enjoy every lunch while you do so.

“Cancel your 2 pm plans. You’ve got IHOPPY Hour to make. Unless your plans are to go to IHOPPY Hour. Then don’t cancel those!” says the post on the company’s Instagram account.

While many chains have their Happy Hour, the pancake house restaurant chain has IHOPPY Hour.  From 2 pm – 10 pm every day, at select dining rooms and you can get a $5 menu.

So if you take advantage of the deal, you can eat out any day of the week without overspending.

The menu may be $6 in some locations

Though the offer has been going on for some time and it doesn’t have a deadline, IHOP does say it is only for a limited time, so you’d better not take it for granted.

The offer is valid for dine-in and to-go, is not available with other discounts, coupons, or offers and hours may vary in some locations.

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