New stimulus checks are being sent next week. Are you included?

While direct deposits for the stimulus payments have already been made, and prepaid debit cards have been sent out, there are still taxpayers who are waiting to receive their paper stimulus checks. Read on to learn who receive it next week, as from July 12th.

The distribution of paper checks was organized according to the beneficiaries’ income level. Taxpayers with annual incomes between $ 110,001 and $ 120,000 would be receiving their paper stimulus checks starting next week as defined in the CARES Act.

Preliminary calendar data available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) specify that this is the group to which payments will be sent soon. The money was sent today.

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The distribution of financial aid began on April 24, after the IRS, in coordination with the Treasury Department, deposited the economic impact payments in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries who provided that information. There were also 4 million Americans that received payments in the form of a debit card.

Recently, the Treasury Department acknowledged in a letter sent to representatives in the federal Chamber, that some 44,000 recipients had requested a replacement of the plastic money until the date of June 17, which indicates that this amount corresponds to people who accidentally threw the card to the trash because they doubted its authenticity. In the same report, it is indicated that 73% of the cards have been activated. The IRS has sent a notice to let people know what the card looks like, and information on how to ask for a replacement, if necessary.

These processes are added to the initiatives led by these agencies to locate at least 12 million low-income beneficiaries for whom they do not have tax information to process their payment. For these potential recipients, the IRS enabled the “No-filers” tool, featured on the website of the tax collection office.

The dates extend until September 11 with the distribution of money to the beneficiaries with the highest joint income ($ 190,001 - $ 198,000).

Here is the preliminary payment calendar:

• $ 120,001 - $ 130,000: July 17
• $ 130,001- $ 140,000: July 24
• $ 140,001 - $ 150,000: July 31
• $ 150,001 - $ 160,000: August 7
• $ 160,001 - $ 170,000: August 14
• $ 170,001 - $ 180,000: August 21
• $ 180,001 - $ 190,000: August 28
• $ 190,001 - $ 198,000: September 4
• Rest of checks: September 11

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