New proposal could extend the additional $600 of the unemployment benefit after July 31

The additional $600 of the unemployment benefit will officially come to an end on July 31. However, there's a new proposal that looks for an extension of this benefit. Learn more about this proposal.

The additional $600 of the unemployment benefit was set to help the people weather the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As it was set to come to an end on July 31, the unemployment payments will start to be of $378 per week in August. This means a reduction of almost 60%.

Democrats at the House of Representatives stated that they are willing to continue with the additional $600 payment once it reaches its deadline on July 31. In fact, the HEROES Act that will be debated at the Senate once the two-week recess ends proposes an extension of extra payments until -at least- the end of January.

On July 1, Democrats at the Senate presented a proposal to extend the weekly extra payment. This proposal is known as the American Workforce Rescue Act and it sets the extension of these benefits until the State's total unemployment rate remains under 11% for three months.

The idea is to eliminate gradually the extra unemployment benefit. According to the act, it will decrease by $100 per percentage point once it gets below 11%, and until its under 6%.

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