Negotiations over Coronavirus aid package tighten at Capitol Hill

As the end of July approaches, Congress keeps negotiating the Coronavirus aid package. However, the proposals presented by Democrats and Republicans offer large differences. Learn more about the debate and both proposals.

The Coronavirus aid package keeps generating divisions at Congress, as Democrats presented a $3 trillion proposal while Republicans counteroffer a $1 trillion proposal.

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In the meantime, Americans are running out of jobless benefits, postponing reopenings, and seeking for eviction protection.

As the July 31 deadline approaches, President Donald Trump assures at the White House that "we want to do what's best for the people."

One of the main issues of the debate is the $600 weekly unemployment benefit, which is expiring for many jobless Americans.

On one hand, Republicans proposed a slash in the benefit, which could be set at $200 a week, to encourage those unemployed to get back to work.  On the other hand, Democrats seek to extend the $600 weekly benefit through January 2021.

Negotiations also include granting money for schools in order to prepare for fall, virus testing, and a new aid to small businesses. For example, there are differences regarding testing, as Republicans seek a $16 billion aid and Democrats want $75 billion.

Although the debate continues and divisions keep growing, both parties are willing to approve the next Coronavirus stimulus package as soon as possible due to the spike in cases.

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