Stimulus package update

Nancy Pelosi gives White House 48 hours to reach a stimulus deal

The elections are getting closer and closer and, despite the fact that both House Democrats and the White House have made public their interest in reaching an agreement before then, there are still differences that prevent it.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged the Trump administration to iron out remaining differences on the coronavirus relief bill within 48 hours as lawmakers attempt to pass legislation before November 3.

According to CNBC, Pelosi set the deadline on negotiations after speaking with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday night for more than an hour.

In an interview on ABC News, Nina Pelosi said the 48-hour deadline “only relates to if we want to get it done before the election, which we do,” and said she’s optimistic about negotiations but that the outcome ultimately depends on the White House.

In a letter to House Democrats on Sunday, the speaker said there was some “encouraging news,” though “much work remains” on the issue. And ended by saying: “I am optimistic that we can reach an agreement before the election.  To that end, we are writing language as we negotiate the priorities so that we are fully prepared to move forward once we reach an agreement.”
Stimulus talks between Mnuchin and Pelosi have dragged on for months, but even if they are finally able to reach a bipartisan deal, many Senate Republicans have said they will not support spending close to $2 trillion on a package.

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