Most expensive and PINK... Things owned by Priyanka Chopra

Most expensive and PINK... Things owned by Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka doesn't seem to spend much money on hugely luxurious things, but no doubt that what she buys is because she loves it! Look at three of her big purchases.

The actress Priyanka Chopra, now Nick Jonas' wife, likes to wear all her fancy luxury things, and specially, really pink! She is a real fan of the pink color.

And not only about fashion, we even talk about her motorcycle... Yes, her bike is of a nice bright pink color! Take a look at the most expensive things Priyanka Chopra owns:

The trendy coat reportedly costs $20,000

A pink Peter Dundas Faux fur coat

The global sensation owns a pink faux fur coat which she purchased from designer Peter Dundas, who also happens to be a close friend.

PeeCee has sported the trendy coat on several occassions, which reportedly costs $20,000. The beauty is from Dundas’ 2018 collection.

Priyanka’s mini Stalvey retails at $11,500

A pink Stalvey Mini Bag

Don’t let the size of the bag fool you, Priyanka’s mini Stalvey retails at $11,500! If you’re wondering why it’s so costly and also why someone would shell out so much money for something that could barely fit a cellphone and some cash, it’s because of the luxury and quality the brand is associated with.

Recognized within elite circles as a destination for the world’s finest exotic skin handbags, Jason Stalvey’s name has enjoyed widespread fame thanks to supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner in the recent past. 

A custom made Harely that costs around $6,000

A pink Harley Davidson Motrocycle

According to a latest report by Filmfare, PeeCee owns a custom made Harely that costs around $6,000. She bought the bike back in 2014, around Valentine’s day, soon after her cousin sister Parineeti Chopra purchased a Jaguar for herself.

Back then, Priyanka had shared her excitement with the world, flaunting her new luxurious and oh-so-pretty bike on social media. She captioned it, “For all those asking... Here's a sneak peak...To commemorate valentines! Pink for chick power! Why should boys have all the fun!”

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