5 celebrities with successful business ventures

It's not all about Hollywood, you know? Find some of the greatest celebrities that experienced  successful business ventures

A lot of celebrities make millions of dollars thanks to their careers as performers. But many of them decide to go a step further on their careers and they become entrepreneurs. Some of them, unfortunately, have failed business ventures, but some others rock it! Here are some really successful side gigs.

Mark Wahlberg co-owns The Wahlburgers food chain with his brothers

Along with his brothers, he owns and operates a fast-food franchise called The Wahlburgers

Marky Mark is known for his role in movies like The Italian Job or The Departed, although the list of movies he starred in is almost endless. However, he is way more than just an actor. Along with his brothers, he owns and operates a fast-food franchise called The Wahlburgers (that name, oh my!). He also invested in other companies, like AQUAhydrate, a water company he also co-owns.

Jessica Alba co-founded The Honest Company

She took a break from acting that lasted around 10 years. What did she do during that time? she focused on her other ventures. Alba co-founded The Honest Company, which started out as an eco-friendly baby products brand and has then expanded to include beauty products.

Robert De Niro co-owns the luxury restaurant and hotel chain Nobu

Robert De Niro is one of the big names in Hollywood and he has starred in a lot of the classic movies we all love, no matter how they are. But he is also a businessman: he co-owns a luxury hotel and restaurant chain called Nobu, which has more than 40 locations around the world.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen own two fashion labels: The Row and Elizabeth And James

We met them when they were toddlers thanks to the show Full House, and they were extremely popular when they retired. They quit their acting careers, which allowed them to focus on their other business ventures. As the fashionistas they are, their two fashion brands are really successful.

Oprah Winfrey owns a television network

There is literally no need to introduce Oprah, who has hosted her show for 25 years now. All together, her business ventures have helped her amass a net worth of $3 billion. Of all her side gigs, the most notable one is her television network that has produced successful movies and TV shows.

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