Major money-saving advice Jay Leno gave Kendall Jenner

Kylie is one of the wealthiest in the Kardashian clan, and she shares a taste for expensive cars with her older sister, Kendall Jenner. However, Kendall almost made a mistake once that would’ve cost her a lot of money.

During the filming of Jay Leno’s Garage, he gave Kendall some great money-saving advice about cars. The show is not a talk show, but he does talk to celebrities and other famous people on the show. He will also do a lot of driving, car reviews and any car-related thing he wants to do. It was during the filming of one of these episodes that Jay Leno saved Kendall Jenner from making a major mistake that would have cost her some big bucks.

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As the two celebrities were driving to Leno’s garage to shoot the episode, Caitlyn Jenner told Leno that Kendall wanted to give her car, a restored 1956 C1 Corvette, a new paint job. The car still had the vintage baby blue coat of paint when Kendall bought it, but she wanted it to be gray. 

However, Leno talked her down from the idea, stating that such a thing would ruin the value of the car. He compared Kendall’s idea with ripping off the label of a Prada bag and replacing it with a different brand. Needless to say, this was enough to convince Kendall to not go ahead with her idea.

Kendall admitted that, while she loves classic cars, she really doesn’t know how they work. During the episode, both Leno and Caitlyn made jokes about Kendall’s Corvette, which was restored by a member of the National Corvette Restorers Society.

However, they also warned Kendall about the issues with classic cars, especially the lack of safety features and their expensive maintenance requirements.

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