Learn more about finance in a simple and fun way Learn more about finance in a simple and fun way

Learn more about finance in a simple and fun way

If you are interested in financial topics but you don't know how to start learning, here we have some content you may be attracted to.

We wanted to share with you these Youtube Channels and its description, that we think have interesting and practical content about personal finance.

1. Anthony Bodanza - Confident Personal Finance: "You DESERVE to be confident about your money! My goal is to provide as much FREE financial content to the world. I will cover anything from renting to buying, from investing to saving, from credit cards to cash, and ANYTHING else you guys want me to! This channel is truly for you, what do you want to see here?"

2. Jack Buchanan - F.I.R.E. and Personal Finance: "A college student looking to help people make better financial decisions. I talk about a variety of topics including stock market investing, making passive income, and many others. I do this mostly from the perspective of trying to reach FIRE (Financially Independent Retired Early). If I can help 10 people reach their financial goals quicker, then this will all be worth it!"

3. Annie Margarita Yang: "This channel is all about giving you practical, realistic advice based on my experiences to empower you to take full control of your life. Have courage. You are the master of your own destiny. You were born to prosper and take dominion. Strip away the false limitations holding you back."

4. Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos: "Hello my name is Calvin Raab and welcome to my Youtube channel!! I have this crazy idea that I believe personal finance can be fun. With this channel I make videos all about personal finance. I am currently an economics student at UCLA where I am continuing to study and learn more about personal finance. I will be making videos all about things that I know and more importantly things that I am learning as I go about my personal finance journey both personally and academically."

5. Sam Levine: "Welcome to my channel! My name is Sam Levine. I started this channel back in March 2019 to help people gain control of their finances and learn about the power of financial independence. My goal on Youtube is to help as many people as possible achieve their financial goals (whatever that means for you). I hope you enjoy my videos, but more importantly, I hope you take away some actionable value every time you tune in. Thanks for watching, and have a great day"

You will surely learn a lot if you take the time to check out any of these channels and you'll want to learn more each time.

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