Jamie Dorman’s paycheck Jamie Dorman’s paycheck

Jamie Dorman’s paycheck for his role in 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

He’s certainly made some little fortune for that role.

He started with some $250,000 for the first movie, he and Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) increased their income quite a bit the second and third movies. 

As the actor showed how well he could perform his role in the franchise, the movie started to pour money into his bank account. He was not only fueling women and men fantasies all over the world but also impersonating one of the best characters of his life. He deserved a bigger paycheck after how well the first movie was.

The exact number is unknown but “after Fifty Shades of Grey brought in over $571 million worldwide, both Dornan and Johnson requested seven-figure raises for the latter two movies, which went on to make nearly $377 million and nearly $371 million, respectively.” Seven-figure numbers? That's quite an upgrade! Not to mention the fact that Dornan’s role in the Fifty Shades movies gave him stronger negotiating power and more clout in the rest of his castings, ultimately paying off in more ways than one.

His career in the movie industry skyrocketed since Fifty Shades and he hasn’t become one of those “stuck” actors as he has been working in many different movies that allowed him not to be just “The Fifty Shades guy.”

All in all, he was so worthy of the paycheck he got from Fifty Shades. The $250,000 he and Dakota Johnson got for the first movie was tiny compared to what he ended up with for following Fifty Shades films. 

Increasing to a seven-figure payday was likely totally worth the long negotiating process, that’s for sure. Not only would it have been hard to do the movies without him, but there’s no way that the series would have collected all the money they did if the main actor was gone and there was a replacement. There’s something about the relationship between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson that just works on the screen and the audience still loves it.

Anyway, when compared to the payday that some other actors take home, seven figures is nothing!

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