Is the second stimulus check at risk again?

When it already seemed that at least some of the differences between Democrats and Republicans could be resolved and that a second stimulus check was already assured, the GOP might have to present a plan B.

Republicans thought it would be easy to move forward with the new stimulus package which includes a second stimulus check on $1200 in the HEALS Act, but negotiations in the Senate are not proceeding as expected.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (New York) have been meeting for several days with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chief of Staff from the White House, Mark Meadows.

Those encounters have generated no breakthrough, so Republicans led by Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) are seriously thinking that a Plan B is required, The Hill reported.

The problem is not only in negotiations with Democrats, since among Republicans - at least 20 - do not agree with the HEALS Act and push a more conservative plan, McConnell acknowledged.

Congressmen have until August 7 to approve the plan, according to the legislative calendar. If a bill is not passed by then, talks will be resumed in September. This would leave Americans without a vital lifeline as is the enhanced unemployment benefit.

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