Is Malta on your vacation wishlist? This may a great time to do so

Is Malta on your vacation wishlist? This may a great time to do so

After so many months without being able to travel with ease due to restrictions and fear of contagion, normal life is returning and many are already planning vacations. If Malta is on your vacation wishlist, this may a great time to travel there.

By the time summer arrives, there will be plenty of fully vaccinated people who will be able to travel and finally enjoy a beautiful vacation. Why could Malta be a great destination?

The beautiful Mediterranean island is looking to welcome travelers again this summer by offering perks to anyone looking to enjoy its wonderful landscapes, temples, and villages.

Popeye Village, Malta.

According to Thrillist, The Malta Tourism Authority wants to bring 35,000 visitors through its new "Incentives for Free Independent Travellers" program.

The program puts $4.2 million toward the costs travelers face and you can receive up to about $120 per person when you're staying for a minimum of three nights starting in June.

To score the perks, you'll have to apply and you're going to have to stay in a five-, four-, or three-star hotel.

The money can be spent on accommodations, food, or other services at the hotels that are part of the program and are expected to match what the Authority is providing each tourist, and if you travel to the smaller island of Gozo you’ll get an extra 10% added onto the incentive.

Enjoy walking down the narrow, alluring streets of Valletta.

Malta is not open to all foreign travelers right now but the country's current plan for "exit from partial lockdown" includes opening up to tourism by June 1 and you'll be able to get the perk by booking directly through hotels that are part of the program.

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