J-Lo $32 million private mansion J-Lo $32 million private mansion

"Inside J-Lo and A Rod's new $32 million private mansion"

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About the video:

"Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are some of Hollywood's biggest names, and with a net worth of over $750 million US, they just finished buying their newest mansion, to add to their multi million dollar real estate portfolio. Get ready for your personal mansion tour!

Can you imagine owning a mansion so large, so expensive, that it needs a round-the-clock security team?

For superstar couple jennifer lopez and Alex Rodriguez, that idea is no dream, it’s a reality - a $33 million reality. While that number is nearly incomprehensible for most of us, for the A-list lovers, whose combined net worth is close to $700 million, it barely even makes a dent in that beefed-up bank account.

Their most recent real estate acquisition is jam-packed with all of the features you could ever want: pool, spa, sprawling garden, high-tech synchronization, gym, entertainment spaces, and plenty more. But it’s not their only house, nor is it their only lavish purchase. Prepare yourself for jealousy as we take a look at this infamous duo’s jaw-dropping new pad.

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