In a hurry? Here are 4 ways to make money fast

In a hurry? Here are 4 ways to make money fast

Sometimes you need some extra cash and you need it fast. Here are some easy ways to make easy money.

If you are looking for ways to make some extra pocket money, you are in the right place. These options will allow you to earn some cash, no skills required.

1-    Deliver food

If you have a car or a bike, you can get paid to deliver food. Actually, some apps will even hire walkers, it’s just a matter of doing some research. The perks? You can work on your schedule and manage your working hours. 

All you have to do is sign up to one app (or more) and whenever you are ready to deliver, you go online. Once you get a delivery request, you can either accept or reject it, so you even get to decide which delivery you want to complete.

2-    Sell your old stuff

If you look around your house, you will probably find a lot of things that are there for no apparent reason and that you no longer use, need nor want. Time to sell! Go online and list all those items at a price that feels right for you —hint: you are not trying to become a millionaire, so price items accordingly. You want them gone and get some pocket money in return! 

3-    Become a mystery shopper

There are a lot of companies that hire mystery shoppers so they can find out how their products are placed and displayed or how their service works. All it takes for you to become a successful mystery shopper is a good memory, an eye for detail and the ability to follow instructions.

4-    Sell unused gift cards

You have probably received, at some point, gift cards that you never managed to use because you never shop there or you just didn’t have the time. Of course, you can re-gift them to someone who you know will use them, but if you are in the need of some extra cash, it is not such a bad idea to sell them.

There are actually some places online where you can list your unused gift cards, you won’t get the full amount, though, but any amount is better than nothing!

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