How to work from home with kids and not die trying

How to work from home with kids and not die trying

Being your own boss and managing your time seems ideal, but if you have kids this may not be such an easy thing to do. Here are some tips to get more done and be less stressed.

You may be starting your own online business or you may be working remotely because of the lockdown. Home office sounds like something wonderful, but trying to deal with work, kids, homeschooling and housework may seem impossible. However here are some strategies to stay sane and productive and not dying in the effort.

1-Create a schedule

This is the first an most important step. It will provide structure for your family and will help you implement the rest of the tips. For every person this schedule will be different, but  here is some advive which may help you get started.
Planning the day around your kids’ body clock and timetable is fundamental. This means taking into account at what time they are more likely to sit silently and watch tv ot do school work and ant what time they will need to be entertained more. Blocking hours in the early morning (before they wake up), nap time (if they still take a nap), or afetr bed time to work, will help you organize your work hours better. Dividing work  according to how much concentration is required, and adapting this to their timetable also helps a lot. There may be things you can do while they are awake and interrupting, and others that need the absolut silence of a quiet house.

2-Lower your expectations

If you are not used to working from home, you shouldn’t expect to get the same work done as you usually do. Many of us today, have to work from home 24/7 for the first time and this may take some time to master. Be sure to not schedule more than you can accomplish and get frustrated trying. With time, it will become easier and you’ll be able to get more work done.

3- Give your kids things to do

There are certain moments of the day when your children surely take care of themselves. This may be during their favourite tv show time, bath time (if they are not toddlers), while they play outside or while they use their Playstation. But at other times they will need your attention. Think of things for them to do, invent games that keep them entartained, give them books they find interesting to read or teach them how to play chess together, for example.

4-Pay attenion when they need it.

If you spend your whole day working, your kids will end up asking for more attention than they would normally. Be sure to spend some time with them at some point, or stop your work a few minutes to see what they need to show you. This way they won’t feel left out of your new routine.

5- Find a place at home that is your designated workplace

Having a fixed place where you work will help you get in order sooner and make it easier to get started every day. It  will also help your kids respect the time you are sitting there. They will already know that you are working when they see you there and get used to interrupting less during your work hours.

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