How to talk about money on your first date

Many relationships have been known to fall through because the couple has differing attitudes toward money. Even though you think it’s difficult, there may be ways to pick up some clues about financial habits on the first date.

Asking simple, relatively innocent questions can help you get an idea about how the other party approaches money and give you a sense of whether you may be on the same track or not. 

Ask what they do for a living

It's fairly normal to inquire about this, and from the answer, you may be able to figure out something about their career goals. It may also give you an idea of how much they earn or what their earning potential might be.

Look at their smartphone

It may seem shallow, but a person's phone can be another indicator of how they spend their money. If they have the latest iPhone you can sense that they may be drawn to the newest and most expensive things, for example.

Find out where they live

Knowing how and where a person lives, says a lot about their personality and spending habits. Also, talking about their housing situation might let you know whether they are actively saving to buy a home.

Ask about their passions

When you ask about a person's interests, it helps to get a sense of what they spend their money on. People with healthy money habits often spend more on experiences than they do on material things. 

Talk about their family

People's attitudes toward money are often handed down from their parents and asking about family can also give you a sense of what their parents did for a living, and the lifestyle they may be used to.

Compliment their clothes

Their answer could be very enlightening. An answer of, "Bal Harbour" versus, "Macy’s" might offer a small glimpse into their income, spending habits, or both.

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