How to start a small-scale business if you love driving

If you enjoy driving and you don’t mind spending time in your car, here are some ideas that can be great jobs for you. Fuel, car maintenance and insurance are expenses you must take into account when you consider these small-scale businesses.

1. Driving passengers

Uber or Lyft is are a ride-hailing company that offers mobile apps, which clients use to submit a trip request that is automatically sent to the drivers who are near.

Another option is not working for these apps and creating your own list of clients. This will take more time and trouble, but it will also leave a much bigger profit. Once clients start recommending you, people will start contacting you for trips. 

2. Event valet

If you are good at parking cars in small or tight spaces and driving unfamiliar vehicles,  operating an event valet may be an option for you. Besides this, you will need to be organized and keep track of keys and remember which cars are parked where.

You’ll also need proper insurance and a valid driver’s license.

3. Food delivery driver

Delivering food is as simple as registering with a company like Postmates or Ubereats. When you sign up to work as a Courier, not only will you make money in tips, but you’re also paid for your mileage and time spent waiting in line to pick up. And you don’t need a car to work for Postmates; you can deliver by foot, scooter, or bike.

You can also deliver for national chains, or for local businesses delivering pizza and other foods.    

4. Errand runner

If you don’t mind doing small, everyday tasks, you can start a business running errands for other people. Services you can offer include picking up prescriptions or dry cleaning, shopping, going to the post office, or waiting in line to pay a bill. 

If you find it’s an in-demand service for your area, consider working with clients directly, this will raise your profit, or you can create a profile on TaskRabbit to get started.

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