How to sell your used jewelry online

Unlike a pair of shoes, a ring or a necklace won’t wear off with use and can still be sold at a very reasonable price. You should check these 4 platforms if you’re looking for a way to sell your used jewelry online.

Cash for Gold USA

This platform is the best one if you’re looking for a way to sell items made of gold, silver, or platinum. Whether it’s a broken necklace or silverware, you’ll find a fair valuation according to the material’s weight and purity. They even accept diamonds!

In Cash for Gold USA, there’s a team ready to appraise your items when they arrive through the platform’s safe and prepaid shipping. You’ll receive a valuation that you can choose to accept or turn down, in which case your jewelry or household goods will be shipped back to you.


In this online marketplace, you’ll be able to sell fine jewelry, watches, and designer clothing. Their experts will authenticate your items after receiving them, which can be done in different ways: you can ship your jewelry with a prepaid shipping label, drop it off in a Luxury Consignment Office, or make use of their free in-home pickup in 20 big cities.

TheRealReal’s team will take professional photos of your jewelry and they’ll post them for sale. If sold, you’ll receive 40% to 85% of the sale’s price.

I Do Now I Don’t

You can list your diamonds, jewelry, and watches for free on this platform. You only need to create a profile! Keep in mind that there’s a 10%-20% commission; the exact amount depends on the price at which your item is sold.

If you’re looking for more services, you can choose to pay a 25% commission and you’ll get the options to have your jewelry cleaned and photographed, as well as appraised and listed. Remember that I Do Now I Don’t includes insured shipping and free third-party appraisal.

WP Diamonds

In order to sell your jewelry, loose diamonds, or watches on WP Diamonds, you’ll first receive an information form where you’ll need to write down your items’ characteristics. This will be used by the platform to let you know a price range to consider.

In certain cities, you may be able to set an appointment, but you can also ship your items with the platform’s free and ensured shipping. After the appraisal, you’ll receive an offer, which will be transferred within the day if you accept it.

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