How to sell your home quickly

Selling your house may be easier in a seller's market than it is in a buyer's market and this is something you can’t control. There are, however, certain steps you can take to succeed.

1. Set the right price

Listing your home at the right price is obviously the main thing for selling quickly. Setting a price that's too high could mean that your house will sit on the market for months.

Where exactly it falls depends on several factors: How old is your home? Does it have a larger yard? Has its kitchen or bathrooms been renovated? Does it sit on a busy street or a quiet side avenue? 

3. Stage your home

Staging a home will provide the best first impression for buyers. You can stage your home on your own or you can work with a professional. 

2. Be willing to lower the price

Lowering your price could bring new people interested in your home, and might be the key to finally getting an offer. 

You might lose some profit by selling at a lower price, but that lower price will attract more potential buyers and more offers. You might even get to choose between bids.

4. Analyze your multiple offers

If you're fortunate, you'll get into a bidding war in which multiple sellers try to outbid each other to win your home. But handling a bidding war and multiple offers takes some skill. You'll have to work with your real estate agent to make counteroffers and to determine which offer is the best.

5. Be prepared to move quickly

You might sell your home more quickly than you'd expect so you might have to move more quickly than you had anticipated.

If you don't want to lose buyers who may not be able to wait for you to find your new home, be prepared to move earlier than expected. This could mean paying for a short-term rental while you look for your new home, or staying with friends or family. 

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