How to save money during lockdown and beyond

How to save money during lockdown and beyond

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a severe impact in personal finances as wages have been cut and contracts have withered. So, here you can find a few tips to learn how to save money during lockdown!

Personal finances have been deeply affected by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of the people have suffered salary reduction or even the premature termination of their contracts.

This situation has led to the search for new methods to save or earn money. Here are some tips you should take into account.

1. Use tech to compare prices

Take advantage of the situation and start shopping efficiently. This means you should start by comparing prices online.

Several websites can help you compare prices and choose the best option to shop. You just need to found them through search engines and start checking these sites!

2. Search for refunds

Who needs a gym membership or restaurant subscriptions during lockdown? Start checking those services and ask for refunds of those you can't use during the quarantine.

You can also politely ask your insurance company or even your landlord for some kind of help. Explain how you've been affected by the situation and how you are struggling with your expenses. They may accept some kind of reduction.

3. Claim your benefits

Check if you could apply for financial support from the government. There may be an employment and support allowance or jobseekers allowance that could help you face this particular situation.

4. Review your savings

If you already have some savings, it's time to review them!

Check if there's a chance of changing the old account for the best paying one. Although it may not be the best time to switch, you may get better interest rates if you change your account. Make some research and analyze your options!

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