How can you save hundreds a month with a 5-minute call?

How can you save hundreds a month with a 5-minute call?

Instead of cutting down on all the things you love doing, find out how to save money without changing your lifestyle at all. Increasing your income is only a phone call away. How can you save hundreds a month with a 5-minute call?

Saving money by leaving out everything that’s fun will probably make you richer but much less happy. Negotiating your bills can help you start saving right now without giving up on the things you enjoy most

You may be just a phone call away from saving hundreds next month

That’s right. With just a few one-time, 5-minute phone calls, you can save HUNDREDS a month on bills that include:

• Cell phone plan
• Car insurance
• Cable
• Wifi 
• Credit card

Saving money this way is very easy.  It only takes three simple steps to negotiate with these companies on fees and rates:

1. Call them.
2. Tell them you’re a great customer, that you’ve been a client for some time (it could be many years)  and that you’d hate to have to leave because of a simple money issue. 
3. Ask them how they can help you lower your rates.

Many companies may be willing to change your fees and rates to not lose a good client

Most times, they'll find a way of convincing you to stay. Usually, there are special prices, available to new clients, which they can offer you.  Setting up an automatic debit from your account or credit card may be another way of receiving a discount on your bill.

Taking 5 minutes to call the Custom Service Department of every company may sound like a waste of time, but you’ll be happy you did it when you see the results.

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