How to make easy money on Facebook

How to make easy money on Facebook

You spend hours on Facebook and you know how many people close to you do the same, so why not use this to make money? Here is how to do it.

If there is one thing that the vast majority of people have dedicated themselves to during this pandemic, it is to tidy their homes. Decluttering makes space but also gives you things that you can sell, and Facebook is a great place to do this.

Here are some tips to publish the stuff you no longer need and get money in return:

1. Find local sales groups.

Every area will likely have an active sales group with a few thousand members or more. You need to find one in your town and publish there, so meeting up with the buyer isn’t an issue.

2. Follow the rules.

Different groups have different rules. For example, some have ítems that can’t be sold online (such as medicines or used underwear) or have rules describing who has priority if there is more than one buyer. Be careful not to break these rules because your post could be eliminated by the group administrator if you do.

3. Take good pictures

Photographs are a fundamental part of your post. The buyer will want to see the ítem clearly, so be sure the photos you post are in focus and are properly illuminated.

4. Write an accurate description

It is important to include measurements or details that need to be mentioned. If the ítem is chipped or has any mark, you should say so to avoid trouble.

5. Choose the right time to post

Be smart about when you post your items. The ideal time to post is when people are online, and can pay attention, and not when they are at work or already sleeping.

6. Be available.

Those that are interested in what you are selling will surely ask questions and you must be ready to answer them, so stay connected. Try to include as much information in the description to cut down on possible inquiries.

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