Learn how to keep love and money separate

Most marital discussions are about money. The best way to avoid them and to keep your love for each other is to stay financially independent once you decide to join your lives.

You and your significant other presumably have lots of things in common. You may enjoy the same movies, have the same goals in life, and think similarly in lots of ways. But you're two different people, and you don't need to bound all your life to each other once you start living together. Learn how to keep love and money separate:

In your relationship, you'll have to talk about money one day. It's not exactly the most romantic topic to discuss, but it's necessary to be clear about how you two can handle your money and personal finances. Some couples even do it on the first date

If both of you are already in the job market, you may have your own bank account and your own income. This said, you should keep this independence. You can sign up for a third bank account together and manage all your utility bills and common expenses from there. There's also the possibility to deposit a fixed amount of money there that'll be your family budget.  

Another way to manage your common expenses, which can include a car loan, insurances, and even mortgage, can be through building a budget. You'd write down the monthly expenses and your incomes and then you can proportionally separate the responsibility of each payment. 

That's why marriage can also be seen as a partnership!

By keeping your account for yourself, and your debit and credit cards too, you don't need to ask each other every time you'd like to buy something for yourself or an expensive gift to your beloved. As long as you're still honest and talk to your partner, there's nothing to worry about!

Keep these pieces of advice in mind before you plan your wedding

If you follow these suggestions, your family budget and your personal finances should run smoothly. You would also be able to build a holiday budget and get a savings account together. What happens when you decide to enlarge the family? When a baby's on its way, you need to rebuild your budget and do some changes in your expenses management in order to prepare yourself financially for the new arrival!

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