How to have a baby and not go bankrupt

How to have a baby and not go bankrupt

Most of us feel it is impossible to have a baby and not go broke. Follow these tips and find out how to raise a happy child without giving up your financial dreams.

We are constantly bombarded by pictures of beautiful nurseries with expensive toys and designer rocking chairs. But your baby doesn’t need these things to be a happy, healthy child. Here is some simple advice to help you have a baby without going bankrupt.

Work with what you have

You may be tempted to add a room to your house or spend fortunes on furniture or decorations, but these things are not fundamental to be able to raise your child. You should start by making do with the space and things you already have at home, to not go overbudget. Once the financial turmoil created by the new baby has calmed down, you can spend money on the things that can wait.

Make the most of your baby shower

Baby showers are a very simple way of receiving vital necessities. You can make the most of this event if you ask for what you need. People will be happy to buy something you really want instead of spending money on something you may never use. Friends and family can get together and share the expenses of bigger ítems like strollers, cribs, or baby monitors.

Accept hand-me-downs

If you are not the first of your friends or family to have a baby, many people may be able to give you hand-me-downs. Babies only use clothes, toys, eating chairs, or baby car seats for a very short while, so most times, ítems are almost new. 
Don’t be ashamed to accept these things if someone offers to give you theirs, you’ll be saving an enormous amount of money.

Stock up on things before the baby arrives

You have no idea how many diapers a baby uses until you have one. Stocking up on diapers, baby towels, baby soap or any other thing you have space for, will bring down the cost of those first months when you’ll surely be spending money on things you couldn’t anticípate.

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