How to get paid for talking out loud How to get paid for talking out loud

How to get paid for talking out loud

Web developers want normal people to test their sites or apps for usability. If you have spare time, and you know how to use the internet then you have all it takes to get the job done.

Testing websites is a super fun and easy way to make extra money online and you don’t need to be an expert or have technical skills.

Generally speaking, most website testing companies are going to pay you $10 per website that you test. Some times you'll get $15 to $25, but these are rare exceptions and are typically only offered to those with experience.

 UserTesting, for example, is a great place that pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. For each test, you are paid $10 and it takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete them. This means you could make $30/hour! 

All you need to start testing is:
• A PC or Mac, an internet connection, and a microphone. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet If you’d like to take Mobile tests
•The Ability to download our testing software
• To be at least 18 years old
• The ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English

 Signup is quick and easy. Just enter your email address on this page and complete a sample test. Once you’re approved, start taking real tests and earning real money.

Test participants get paid $10 for each completed test and up to $60 for a Live Conversation with a customer. A test consists of a 20-minute recording and answers to four follow-up written questions. A Live Conversation requires you to get on a video conference call with a customer at a scheduled date and time. Payments are made daily for tests completed seven days earlier.

The number of opportunities you receive will depend on some factors, such as your demographics and your quality rating, so don't expect this to be a full-time job because you won't qualify for every single test that comes your way.


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