Earn money during the school year

Earn money during the school year

Everything you have learned at school can be put to good use in tutoring others for some extra income. This is a profitable way to spend your evenings and weekends, while gaining some work experience. Learn how to earn money during the school year. 

There is always some student out there who’s struggling to pass a class. And there are always parents who’d gladly pay someone to help them. And you can definitely be this person!

Tutoring is a very good option!

Tutoring children

Whether it was during elementary school, middle school or high school, everyone has had troubles with grammar, maths or science. Now that you have overcome these subjects, you can use the experiences you’ve gained to calm and teach those who are currently freaking out over them.

You simply need to have enough knowledge of the subject to explain it, as well as some patience to deal with the students and their questions. All your hard work will be compensated at the end of each tutoring session. One of the biggest advantages of this gig is its flexibility. You decide how much to charge per hour, as well as the way to approach each student’s needs.

Online tutoring

Unlike the former example, you can help students without ever leaving the comfort of your house. There are a lot of educational platforms, such as VIPKid, which allow you to teach students worldwide.

Even without any math or science skills you can make some money by speaking your first language! There are people from all ages all around the world who study foreign languages for business or just for fun. They are willing to pay someone to practice with, even if it’s just for a small conversation.

Other benefits

Tutoring provides you not only with money, but also work experience and a network of contacts. Once you have successfully taught one students, chances are they’ll recommend you to many others.

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