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How to avoid financial mistakes in a divorce: A free educational webinar

If you’re considering a divorce, be careful how you negotiate the settlement, as it could affect the rest of your life. Join this webinar to learn more.

By the numbers, almost half of American adults will experience at least one divorce over their lifetime. In addition to the cost of the divorce process itself, divorce can have drastic impacts on your financial situation, including your retirement, your childcare, and your house equity.

If you’re considering a divorce, be careful how you negotiate the settlement, as it could affect your finances for the rest of your life. On May 12, at 12:00 noon Central time, Advice Chaser will host a webinar on how to avoid financial mistakes in a divorce. You can register for the webinar here.

The event is hosted by Advice Chaser, a financial concierge service that matches clients with experienced financial advisors. Wes Bangs, financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst will speak on the topic. His specialization and expertise in divorce finances give him insight into navigating the details of divorce settlements. In this webinar, he will discuss:

- What you need to know about taxes if you sell your home
- Post-divorce expenses to look out for
- Distribution options on shared retirement money, taking cash flow needs into consideration
- Different sources of income that could be available to you in the divorce settlement
- Possible financial short-term and long-term effects on your net worth

“Divorce takes a huge emotional and financial toll. If you are headed for a divorce, we hope this event can ease some of your stress and answer your questions about division of assets. Wes's education and experience in asset management, financial planning, and divorce settlements make his presentations a great resource for folks who are looking to approach mediation armed with as much information as possible,” said Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser.

To educate yourself about fairly negotiating retirement assets in a divorce settlement, or to learn more about your options post-divorce, contact a financial advisor. Advice Chaser can match you with a financial advisor who has experience with clients in similar situations. 

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