How did Gal Gadot become one of the richest Netflix female stars?

How did Gal Gadot become one of the richest Netflix female stars?

When it comes to negotiating, Gal Gadot knows how to do it.

There aren’t many performers with a star power similar to the one Gal Gadot has. The former model appeared in some of the biggest franchises, such as Fast and Furious and DCEU.

Now that she is moving her career to Netflix, she made sure her payday was exactly what she rightfully deserved. 

How did she do it?

Many former models explore the acting arena, but not all of them make it. Gal Gadot has only continued to build her acting skills through the years, and this has certainly helped her. But let’s go back to the point where it all started: Fast and Furious.

Back in n20019, Gadot made her initial appearance in the franchise Fast and Furious, but this was also her first film appearance altogether. Landing a role in a franchise this big can get the ball rolling pretty fast.

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Over the next 6 years, she continued to make appearances as the character Gisele in a total of 4 films. And even if appearing in a big franchise does not necessarily translate in success, in the long run, it has quite an impact on her career.

During this period, Gal Gadot landed other roles in projects like Date Night and Knight and Day. This definitely helped her gain appeal in other audiences. But it was her transition to another franchise that took her career to the next level.

The world of DC

After her role in Fast and Furious, Gal Gadot was ready to take on a starring role. And she did when she became Wonder Woman and made her first appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was a point of no return in her career: the film made over $820 million at the worldwide box office.

The world of Netflix

According to Variety, the film Red Notice, which casts other amazing stars like Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, will bag Gadot $20 million. Few performers in the world can command this kind of deal, but it just comes to show how much pull she has.

Variety also reports that the film was originally Universal, but the people behind the scenes had the liberty to shop it around.

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