How can you get free stuffed crust at Pizza Hut?

How can you get free stuffed crust at Pizza Hut?

The end of 2020 was a time of very creative and unusual promotions, and it seems that at the beginning of this New Year this trend will continue. Read on to know the original offer that Pizza Hut is having for two days.

According to Thrillist, this week, Pizza Hut Is offering stuffed crust without the rest of the pizza.

Stuffed crust pizza was quite popular when it landed about 25 years ago and Pizza Hut wants to remind you who did it first by letting you order the stuffed crust on its own.

Stuffed crust without the pizza.

Yes, you read right, just the crust stuffed with cheese. It’s called exactly that: Stuffed Crust, and it's on menus for a very short time.

Unfortunately, it will only be available at locations in Los Angeles and Dallas and you can get it for free from January 5-7.

The pizza chain will be giving the crust to the first 50 customers that make a $10 purchase at each participating location.

The offer is not available when you order online, ask for delivery, or dine-in, so you can only get it if call for carryout.

If you don't want to order only a pile of crust, large three-topping Stuffed Crust pizzas will cost just $11.99 for a little while together with the release of Nothing But Stuffed Crust.

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