How can you claim your $ 500 per dependent if you missed the deadline?

The deadline to claim the $ 500 per dependent corresponding to the first stimulus check was September 30. If you did not provide your information on time but were entitled to the money, what can you do now to collect the money?

During October, the IRS will be sending the extra money per dependent to the people to whom it was not sent at the time, and who claimed it in the Non-filers tool.

If you are among the people who did not receive the additional money per child, along with the check for $ 1200 and you missed claiming it, you still have a chance of obtaining it in 2021.

When you file your tax return in 2021, you can request the additional amount of financial aid that belongs to you for each eligible minor, who is 16 years old or younger and who appears as a dependent in your tax information.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses your 2019 of 2018 tax return to determine the amount of money you should receive and, according to CNet, the agency is expected to put instructions on how to claim the stimulus check as tax filing season approaches next year.

If you are still waiting for the check and you know you are eligible, you can track your stimulus check by visiting the IRS online tool ‘Get My Payment‘. Once on the website, you will have to enter your Social Security number, date of birth, address, and zip code to know the status of your payment.

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