How broke was Anny Murphy before 'Schitt’s Creek'?

She was having a really bad time and her role in the Canadian sitcom was a life changer.

The Canadian sitcom, created by father/son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, recently finished its six-season run. With an amazing cast and tons of fans all over the world, it’s really a success

Annie Murphy, who played Alexis in the famous TV show, was actually really poor before she was cast. 
The reason why people went crazy for the show was definitely the characters and the cast, for example, Murphy’s hilarious line "But people love extreme vanity…and they love puppies!" Her character, Alexis Rose, is incredibly ditzy but also has a quirky intelligence that makes her very unique. 

Before getting the part, she was actually in a rough time, as she hadn’t been working for two years and only had $3 in her bank account. She said, “I had just found myself crying in the Pacific Ocean, a very snotty cry, and the universe was like, Don’t do this anymore. This is not for you."  

Murphy told that she auditioned for Dan Levy, who showed it to his dad Eugene, and they knew that she was going to be Alexis. She shared that Eugene wanted the character to have blonde hair, not brown hair, like Murphy. After trying out for the parts of Alexis and Stevie, Murphy explains what was going on in her life at that point: "I was in L.A. for pilot season, for my third or fourth at this point, in 2013. Then waited by the phone for almost three weeks.

With a 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series at home, she can’t forget her difficult beginning in the acting world.
She lived in L.A. with a weird roommate and said that it was one of the loneliest times of her life. The 33-year-old actress, from Ottawa, had a role in an episode of Rookie Blue in 2012 and played Morgan on the CBC show The Plateaus for its 10 episode season in 2015 but her big break came with Schitt's Creek.

The thirty-three-year-old actress was so happy to be in the show, she said: "Honestly, I was so, so nervous to start because I realized, like, the night before [that] I would have to be acting with my comedy idols. But after the first few takes of the first scene, the four of us shot together, it was when Catherine O'Hara was like, 'Okay, how about we try it like this?' and it was so obvious that it was a collaborative, fun, exciting togetherness that was happening. And that kind of set the tone for the next six years."

Certainly, her fans are amazed by her performance and wondering where she will be heading in her professional career and with all her talent.

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