How Much Did Jessica Simpson pay Nick Lachey after their divorce?

Lesson learned for Jessica Simpson, now she sure knows that a prenup is always needed! 

Even though their whole relationship was showcased on-screen, things even got to a point in which they weren’t talking to each other. Everybody knows that a divorce is not easy but with Jessica Simpson being worth nearly $30 million more than Nick Lachey at the time, it's safe to say he walked away with a nice chunk of cash. Keep on reading to find out how much she had to pay the former 98 Degrees member during their split.

In 2002, singers Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey officially said I do. They were one of the most famous couples at the time, they even got their very own reality show, which documented Jessica and Nick's go at both being married and living together for the first time. 

Fans loved the show but it only had 3 seasons as the couple revealed they were getting a divorce in 2006. Considering Jessica Simpson was worth quite a lot more than Nick, it's believed that the latter was paid a sum of $10 million from ex-wife, Jessica.

Jessica Simpson has been worth an impressive $35 million at the time of their divorce, whereas Nick Lachey only had about $5 million to his name. While most celeb marriages involve prenups, the couple decided not to sign one.

Later it became a huge problem for Jessica as she was required to hand over more than anyone would have wanted. This included 1.5% of Jessica's Dessert Beauty line, $2 million from the sale of their home, $2.2 million in securities and a $200,000 Ferrari Simpson had gifted Nick during their marriage, says Star Magazine. "The funny thing is that Nick wanted me to sign a prenup, but I was, like, so offended", Simpson revealed.  

The two have now moved on, they both got married again and have let bygones be bygones. Although she may have lost nearly $10 million at the time, Simpson's net worth has since gone up to $200 million with the success of her fashion and beauty empire. 

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