New stimulus package New stimulus package

House Democrats seek to pass a new stimulus package next week

In an attempt to resume negotiations with Republicans, which have been stagnant for months, Democrats in the House of Representatives are working on a new draft for a relief package which would include a stimulus check.

The $ 2.4 billion dollar legislation seeks to meet the demands of legislators in hinge states who are at stake for their reelection on November 3, according to national media reports. Multiple press reports have anticipated the possibility that if no action is taken soon, aid such as a new stimulus check would not be possible until after the election.

The idea is that the new Democratic measure is approved next week in the legislative body.

The HEROES Act was passed by House Democrats in May, without being seriously considered by Republicans.

Although the $ 2.2 trillion price tag of the new Democratic proposal is much lower than what they had proposed under the HEROES Act ($ 3.4 trillion), it is still much higher than what the Republicans are willing to accept to reach an agreement. Most members of that party, including Trump, are inclined to pay $ 1.5 trillion.

However, some Democrats like Dan Kildee are betting that the number can bring the parties closer to a satisfying deal.

“When you are talking about $ 2.2 trillion and $ 1.5 trillion you are in deal-making territory,” Democratic Representative Dan Kildee said.

Although Democrats had lowered the amount they were willing to accept to $ 1 trillion less amid the stalled process of negotiations, Republican senators want to cut the package even further.

"We are trying to see how we move the negotiation forward because we think Americans need help," said Chair of the House Rules Committee, Jim McGovern. "We are seeing it all again and the hope is that we can come up with something," he added.

In a meeting yesterday between the Democratic delegation led by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the leader instructed the team to develop a reduced proposal.

"We are still fighting for an agreement," Pelosi told those present at the meeting, according to a source familiar with the process quoted by Politico.

"If necessary, we can formalize the petition by voting for the legislation in the House," Pelosi said.

Although the content of the project is not clear, a report by The Washington Post does not rule out the inclusion of provisions for new stimulus checks, as well as aid for small businesses, unemployment assistance, and funds for cities and states, among others.

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