Here’s how much contestants on ‘Love Island’ make

Are the contestants of the famous reality TV show making any money?

In the last few years, reality television has become mainstream. There is practically a show centered around just about anything and everything. 

With dating shows being quite popular throughout the 2000s with shows such as 'The Bachelor', 'The Bachelorette', 'Flavor Of Love', and 'The Millionaire Matchmaker,' the trend continues and fans all over the world adored them.

The CBS show ‘Love Island’ is definitely one worth watching; however, many are wondering if the cast gets compensation according to their work. Keep on reading to find out!

'Love Island' airs on CBS and features a group of single women and men that do a series of challenges and tasks with a fellow castmate that they continue to swap over in a bid to meet the love of their life… and a cash prize of $100,000!

The show is currently in its second season in the United States

The show is currently in its second season in the United States. The show is an adaptation of the UK version. It first began in 2015 in England and has finally made its way over to the US. The contestants on the British version of the show make £250 per week, which comes up to nearly $350.

In addition to completing tasks and challenges throughout the season, viewers are also able to vote for their favorite couple so they are closer to the big prize, which is obviously split between the two winners.

Of course, the main goal is to get to the grand finale and collect the big prize, but it’s also beneficial for the contestants to stay as much as possible in the house because this gives some contestants the chance to make an additional amount of cash.

With the stipend set at $500 a week, this would come in at an extra $3,000 for players, which isn't too shabby for the experience and the exposure.

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