HEALS Act: Who is eligible for the new stimulus check?

The Republican proposal for the next relief package, called the HEALS Act, is finally on the table and it includes a second stimulus check. Which Americans will be eligible for the direct payment if the bill passes as is?

The HEALS Act pushed by Senate Republicans to send new financial aid would follow the payment guidelines established in the CARES Act, although there is a change that will add new beneficiaries.

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The proposal has barely begun to be discussed with Democrats, who - among other things - could seek to integrate US couples of undocumented immigrants as beneficiaries, something that was left out by the CARES Act, and that now even has support from some Republicans.

If Democrats fail to expand the criteria, which is what they proposed in the HEROES Act passed last May, people qualifying for a check  would be the following:

1.    A person with an adjusted gross income of less than $ 75,000 would receive $1200. From there - and up to an annual gross income of $99,000- the amount will be progressively reduced.

2.    Head of household earning less than $ 146,500 annually

3.    A couple filing a joint tax return without children and earning less than $ 198,000 annually

4.    A dependent of any age (the previous aid included only children under 17).

5.    Students under 24 years old

It should be noted that the HEALS Law excludes people in prison.

“(The HEALS Act) includes a few people who were involuntarily left out of the last one. Mainly dependents, college and adult, who are dependent on someone else, ”said Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa).

An important fact is that the banks will not be able to retain the money to pay any outstanding debt of the account holders.
The rule is expected to be approved no later than the following week, so the money could be sent in mid-August, but for this, both parties must agree on issues that may be difficult and to which they have referred to as dealbreakers.

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