Fourth stimulus check: there are already 83 legislators asking Biden for a new EIP

A fourth and even a fifth stimulus check is being requested by some members of Congress to keep 12 million more Americans out of poverty. What are the chances of this happening?

There is much talk about the economic recovery that the United States is having after the pandemic and there is great optimism about how it is evolving.

But unfortunately, there are people who have not yet reached a new job and economic stability and who continue to struggle to get ahead after a year of confinement in which debts have accumulated.

Employment has begun to grow but there are circumstances, such as not knowing who to leave the children with, the fear of catching Covid-19, which are not allowing people to return to have a regular job.

There are those who think that unemployment benefits make other people prefer to receive them before working and that is why some states are already cutting them with the intention of getting people to return to work.

A large number of people have used their stimulus checks to cope with the pandemic, others to obtain health insurance, and there are some who invested to get more out of it.

But there are also those who have used it to pay debts and survive and the fact that their unemployment benefits are withdrawn puts them in a truly complicated situation.

There are a lot of people who are really relying on government stimulus checks and proof of this is the petition, signed by more than 2.2 million people, asking Congress to provide payments of $ 2,000 for adults and $ 1,000 for children and to continue to give out regular checks during the coronavirus crisis.

Yahoo! Finance notes that the idea of a fourth and even a fifth stimulus check is gaining momentum in Congress.

A growing number of lawmakers support a plan that provides additional help this year to help households whose economies are still struggling.

President Joe Biden received a new proposal for additional stimulus payments in a letter signed by seven members of the House Ways and Means Committee, an influential group responsible for writing tax laws and essentially controlling government finances.

The letter asks the president to include direct payments in his $ 1.8 billion "American Family Plan", which he unveiled late last month.

Lawmakers say the last $ 1,400 check was not enough to meet household needs and that a fourth and fifth stimulus check could keep 12 million more people out of poverty.

In January Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota congressman told the president in a letter signed by 55 of his colleagues: "The American people are counting on us to bring about transformative change, and we must meet the moment by delivering monthly payments of $ 2,000."

Later in March, 21 Democratic senators asked Biden to endorse recurring direct payments during the pandemic.

The White House has said, through press secretary Jen Psaki, that a fourth round of direct payments would have to be approved by Congress, which is currently very busy discussing President Biden's infrastructure plan.

However, it cannot go unnoticed that there are already 83 legislators, who have presented to President Biden the need to extend resources until the pandemic ends.

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