Do not miss out on receiving your stimulus check!

After many months of searching for ways to contact the millions of people eligible for the stimulus check, who have not provided their information to receive it, the IRS is finally ending the search. There are only four days left to claim the money.

Millions of individuals whose 2019 and 2018 incomes did not exceed $ 12,200, and couples that did not exceed $ 24,400, have the right to claim the money from the stimulus check provided by the CARES Act, but they need to act fast.

As these are people for whom the IRS does not have updated data, the agency has not been able to send the check for it lacks the necessary information for the payment to be processed and needs them to do additional paperwork and report before November 21.

In the last weeks, the agency has especially urged any eligible self-supporting college student who isn’t requested to file a tax return, and Social Security, Railroad Retirement, and Department of Veteran Affairs benefit recipients who already received a $1,200 payment but didn’t register their spouse or a qualifying child, to claim the payment using the Non-filers tool.

In order to report your data and claim your check, you have two options:

Simplified tax return

One of the options a person has is to file a simplified tax return. This document can be submitted through a tax preparer, tax software provider, or IRS Free File.

Non-filers online tool

The other way is to use the IRS “Non-filers” online tool to upload data and report where the payment should be received. This option will be available until the November 21 deadline, after that date it will be taken down.

Those who believe they are entitled to the payment can claim it even if they have not received the notice.

Individuals who do not act before Saturday will have to wait until next year to claim the money, for after the deadline the online tool will be taken down.

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